Pearce Knives

Welcome to Pearce Knives!

    My name is Logan Pearce and I am a third generation bladesmith. I create knives out of every day objects, as well as making one of a kind art pieces and using knives.

Knifemaking tutorials are getting fired up in my tutorial section of my website and on my youtube!

 A majority of the time I am in my shop working, so I miss a lot of calls. If you are waiting on an order, just be patient. You will get your order as soon as I finish it. I am one person doing everything. Because of that I can't reply to e-mails and forge at the same time. At least not yet.

  I hope that you enjoy looking at my work and if you are reeeaaally bored then you should check out my Facebook or Youtube.

  The best way to get a hold of me right now, is to simply send me a text message. I am either at my forge or in my shop with my hands full most of the time that I am awake, so I miss a lot of calls due to this.

Best wishes!

Logan Pearce
1013 Dog Town Rd
De Queen, AR 71832

Updated: 4/4/2016