Pearce Knives History

Third Generation Bladesmith


Logan Pearce is a third generation bladesmith. 

His grandfather, Perry Pearce, started making knives in the 1970's. In the 1980's, Perry took the American Bladesmith Society intro to bladesmithing class with master bladesmith's Jerry Fisk and Greg Neely.

After becoming a full-time knifemaker, Perry taught his two sons and daughter how to make knives. They worked together running the family business. Selling knives through the world's largest scenic railroad, railroad companies, knife dealers in four different countries, and in person every month at the Canton, TX First Monday Trade Days, until Perry passed away on August 22, 2005.

Logan Pearce


Logan Pearce was raised making knives.


Logan took over the family business when his grandfather passed away. Logan forged nails into letter openers as a child. At the age of 7, he started selling the nail letter openers at the Canton Trade Days and through dealers. He started making knives out of wrenches, horse shoes, bolts, tire tools, monkey wrenches, and anything made of metal that was close. When he was 12 years old he started making damascus.  

Logan is the first American knifemaker to do Russian Filigree on knives and is only 1 of 6 knifemakers in the world to do it.

His Remnant knives are carried in over 30 countries, with dealers as many, that sell his work.

Classes and Teaching


Over the past 15 years, Logan has taught over 1,200 people various aspects of making knives. Sharing what he has learned over the years with any and everyone interested in making knives.

Aside from teaching one-on-one and group classes in his shop, Logan also gives demonstrations across the nation. From museums and art galleries to the month 2nd Tuesday knife meeting at Uncle Al's and hammer-ins around the world.

Logan is also the creator of the 'Sharpest Man Contest', a bowie cutting competition, where makers show how well their knives perform.

In 2017, Logan became the show promoter for the Arkansas Knife show. 

Movies & Games


Different styles of Logan's work have been used in the movie and video game industries.

His work is displayed on screen across the world in over a dozen movies and games. Logan has worked with Disney, Ubisoft, EA, Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures, and Bethesda Game Studios. 

The films and games include, but are not limited to; Mobius, Sword Master, Suicide Squad, The Lone Ranger, Watch Dogs, FarCry, and more!

Awards and Publication


Logan is an award winning knifemaker. Logan has won over 60 awards ranging from best kitchen knife to best of show at knife shows around the nation.

His work has been features in the nationals largest printed publications. From Cowboys & Indians magazine and Blade Magazine to national and local newspapers. Accumulating over 250 articles about Logan or his work.

Social Media Presence


Logan Pearce has nearly 4 million followers across the internet's largest social media networks. Having over 100k on nearly every social media network that he is on.

He posts updates weekly, if not daily. Posting helpful information, videos, and  finished knives. Logan's favorite social media networks are Facebook (295,000 followers), Deviant Art (Over 110,000 page activity), and Instagram (33,000 followers). Even though he has more of a following on other networks, he is most responsive on those three.

Logan is also active on knife and blacksmithing forums.