Pearce Knives

Pearce Knives Film Production

Pearce Knives Film Production is focused mainly on informing the public
about knife making, knife makers, and custom knives in general. The 
videos are free and meant to help those looking for knowledge. Most of
the time I work with other makers, like myself, to create short informative
videos that are posted to my youtube for you to watch. I hope that these
videos help!                         

Logan Pearce

Start to finish knives:

How to make a Neck Knife by Logan Pearce
How to make a Nessmuk knife by Logan Pearce

Partial Tutorials:

Making a forge by Logan Pearce


Blade Geometry with Jerry Fisk M.S.


Carving Ivory with J.R. Cook M.S.


Forging Prep with J.R. Cook M.S.
Forging a knife with J.R. Cook M.S.
Thermocycling with J.R. Cook M.S.


Profiling a Knife with Jerry Fisk M.S.


Sharpening a Knife with Jerry Fisk
Sharpening with J.R. Cook M.S.

Cutting Demonstrations:

Bowie knife cutting demo with Jerry Fisk M.S.